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To gain a worldwide perspective, 'Threads' thought it was time to make a change by shifting the company's geographical perspective from local to global. As a result, they are treating Europe as a single market for their business activities, while simultaneously maintaining competitiveness by focusing on quality, price, and customer service. The desired organisational structure, as well as the accompanying global ERP system, are depicted.
Traditional Steel ERP systems necessitated sophisticated and costly information technology infrastructure, such as mainframe computers. With the growth of information technology and the decreasing cost of computers, small businesses can now consider ERP systems. Furthermore, the ability to implement ERP systems in different locations has been made easier thanks to the capability of Three Tier Client-Server architecture and scalable relational data-base administration.
ERP implementation
An ERP project's implementation is a multi-phased procedure. A step-by-step strategy will simplify the procedure and increase the likelihood of a better outcome. The following are the typical steps involved in ERP software implementation:

• Business and operational analysis, including gap analysis
• Reengineering of business processes
• Configuration and installation
• Business Requirement Mapping
• Module Configuration
• System Interfaces
• Data Conversion
• Custom Documentation
• End User Training
• Acceptance Testing
• Post Implementation/Audit Support

In other words, deploying Manufacturing ERP can change the way a company does business. It assists the business in connecting its resources, maximising their use and allocation, and controlling them in real-time. For example, in the case of 'Threads,' the switch from a legacy system to an ERP system resulted in less data redundancy, lower overheads, and improved customer responsiveness and service standards across the board. This was made possible by adopting a single global Garment ERP system throughout the company's European operations.

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