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For the first time, I saw this dress full of Chinese flavor, gorgeous red, gorgeous brocade, delicate embroidery, showing a strong sense of joy. With the help of her two brothers, I put on this bright red dress, red hat and flower plume on the top. I knew from the eyes of others that I should look very good, but I still secretly looked at myself when I passed the mirror. I wore a jade wing hat with flower plume on the top, a bright red python robe, a delicate jade belt around the waist, and thick-soled embroidered boots. It looked like a different kind of wealth. You should be worthy of her, right? I secretly said in my heart. She must be very beautiful in her phoenix crown. Her heart beats faster. I really want to see her soon, my bride! At the exhortation of the two brothers, I once again reviewed the wedding process in my heart. At this time, the ancient house was decorated with red lanterns and red curtains. Stopping outside the door, there are five palanquins to welcome the bride today, three of which are bridal palanquins. On the way to the wedding, the woman who welcomes the bride takes one, and the other two are taken by the boy who presses the sedan chair. The bridal sedan chair is a big eight-lift sedan chair, with a red curtain and a green cover, on which dragons and phoenixes are inserted, and silk tassels are hung at the four corners. In front of the sedan chair was a guard of honor with gongs,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, drums and suona. Then I saw a snow-white horse standing there. I knew it was my horse today. Although my equestrian was good, I was still nervous at this time. The matchmaker and the horseman who led the horse gave me an encouraging smile. Really, I was nervous at this time. It was really too relaxed! I took a deep breath, turned over and got on the horse. The action was completed at one go, which led to the applause of the people next to me. The sound of gongs, drums and suona sounded in unison. The wedding procession set out, leaving the martyrdom and waiting for me. I arrived at the bride's home in a mighty way. The gongs and drums were loud and the lion dance led me to the door. I turned over and dismounted. I saw Li Shang being carried out by her cousin. She was wearing a phoenix crown and a red head. I watched her sit in the sedan chair with the help of Xi Niang. My heart was beating wildly all the time. Last night was the slowest night I've ever had. I finally got to this day. Today I can marry you, Ichiro. Finally, in their own constant thoughts,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, the dawn. Then the arrival of Xi Niang announced the beginning of a busy and happy day. Looking at the red wedding dress in Xi Niang's hand, I know I must laugh like a fool! Just be silly. You're going to get married anyway. What's wrong with being your fool? That's what you think, Koichiro. With the help of Xi Niang, she changed into a bright red wedding dress. She wears a red jacket, embroidered shoes on her feet, a tassel ribbon around her waist, an embroidered skirt, a "phoenix crown" woven with pompoms, pearls, jade pendants and other ornaments, and a brocade embroidered with auspicious patterns on her shoulders. Marriage fat gouache, light Dai thrush, light vermilion, a bride in ancient costume that can only be seen on TV appears in the mirror, hibiscus is like face and willow is like eyebrow, so you can be your most beautiful bride, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, Xian Ichiro! Hearing the sound of gongs and drums outside, I knew that the wedding procession was coming, and my heart was beating wildly, and finally I waited for this day! Xi Niang covered me with a bright red head and told me the details of the wedding in detail. Then I was carried out by my cousin. I secretly saw a pair of thick-soled embroidered boots through the seam under the hood. I knew it must be Ichiro. He must be very handsome today! Sitting in the sedan chair, my heart was still beating restlessly. Feeling a slight tremor, I knew the team had started. I really wanted to see what Ichiro looked like on the horse. But when I thought of what Xi Niang said, I couldn't peek at the new one, otherwise it would be unlucky. In order to stay together for a lifetime, I controlled my curiosity and imagined what he looked like at this time. He must be handsome! The guard of honor led the way, accompanied by gongs and drums, suona and lion dance, the sedan chair began its journey. When the procession returned, I dismounted and, under the guidance of Xi Niang, drew my bow and shot three red arrows at the door of the sedan chair to drive away the evil spirits that the bride might be contaminated along the way. Then he kicked the door of the sedan three times, which means peace and auspiciousness. The matchmaker picked up the curtain of the sedan chair, and Li Shang slowly walked out of the door of the sedan chair with the help of Xi Niang. At that moment, I only felt that her brilliance was so shining that I couldn't open my eyes. Xi Niang helped her across the brazier and saddle, indicating that the couple's family was safe after marriage.
At this time, we walked into the courtyard arranged as an auditorium, with our parents sitting at the top and a table of heaven and earth at the bottom. On the table were big buckets, rulers, scissors, mirrors, abacuses and scales, which were called "six certificates". With the sound of the master of ceremonies, "It's an auspicious time!" We began to worship. Following the voice of the master of ceremonies, we slowly kowtowed and worshipped, "a worship of heaven and earth.." Worship the high hall again. Husband and wife worship each other. With the final "Li Cheng!" In the cheers of the crowd, I knew I finally married her! Then, we served tea to the old people on both sides, thanking them for their upbringing. When I offered tea to my father, I saw a faint smile on his face. I haven't seen my father smile for a long time! Fortunately, the wedding banquet here was brief, probably because I was a foreigner, and there was no groom that everyone was most worried about. So, I soon ushered in the most exciting moment, the bridal chamber. When I entered the bridal chamber and saw Li Shang sitting there in a red dress, I couldn't help thinking that if there were not some rituals that were not over, I would really like to hold her in my arms and never let her go! She picked up a weighing pole wrapped in red cloth from the plate brought by Xi Niang and gently lifted the handkerchief on her head. She looked up and her eyes were flowing. Lotus was like a face and willow was like an eyebrow. She was really a gift from God! Szeto Li Shang, my beautiful bride! After drinking a cup of wine, Xi Niang gave us our heads together, lit a red candle, and retreated. This is our time! "You are so handsome, Ichiro!" She chuckled, and a pleasant voice came to her ears. Is it? ' I raised my eyebrows and asked, looking at her sitting beside me, who was radiating breathtaking beauty at this time. Well, very handsome, very handsome, super handsome! Handsome enough.. Then she put her arm around my neck. "I want to throw you down!" The mischievous lilac slipped over my lips,Blue Bottle Serum, and this guy started to flirt again! "If you want to attack, I will attack you!" Hold that restless lilac, deeply kiss down.

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