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Hastings, do you think that some of the Lemegelles' deaths could have been arranged? Take Vincent as an example. And the boy who went to school at Eton. Accidents with guns are always hard to pin down. 。 Suppose the child falls out of the window of the children's room and dies. What could be more natural than that? And even less suspicious? But why this one, Hastings? Who will benefit from the death of the eldest son? His brother, a six-year-old! Ridiculous! "They want to get rid of another one later." I proposed, though I had no idea who "they" were. Poirot shook his head as if dissatisfied. Ptomaine poisoning, "he said to himself." Atropine produces the same symptoms. Yes, we have to go there. Madame Lemegelle gave us a warm welcome. Then she took us to her husband's study and left us alone for a while. He has changed a lot since I saw him last time. His shoulders were more hunched, and his face had a strange ashen color. Poirot listened as he explained why we had come. It is too much of Sadie's pragmatism and judgment: "he concluded." Anyway, stay, Monsieur Poirot, and thank you for coming; but what is written is written. It is very difficult to violate it. We of the House of Lemegelle know that no one can escape the mercy of fate. 。” Poirot mentioned the sawn through ivy, but Hugo didn't seem to care. It must have been some careless gardener. Yes,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, it may be a tool used by others, but the purpose behind it is obvious; and I will tell you, Monsieur Poirot, that it cannot be delayed too long. Poirot looked at him intently. Why do you say that? Because I myself am doomed. Last year I went to see the doctor. I had an incurable disease. My end won't be long. But before I die, Ronald will die,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and Gerald will inherit. "What if something happens to your second son?" "No; he is not threatened." "But did it really happen?" "My cousin Roger is the next heir." Our conversation was interrupted. A tall man with a good figure and super-colored curly hair came in with a bundle of paper. Don't worry about it now, Gardner. Hugo. "My secretary, Monsieur Gardiner," Lemegelle introduced us after his command. The secretary bowed, said some polite words, and went out again. Despite his good looks, there is something repulsive about him. That's what I told Poirot when we were walking in the beautiful old garden shortly afterwards. Surprisingly, he agreed. Yes, Kava Root Extract ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, yes, Hastings, you're right. I don't like him. He's so pretty; he's the kind of guy who's looking for a cushy job. Ah, here come the children. Madame Lemegelle was coming towards us with her two children. They are all very beautiful. The child has dark skin like his mother. The older child has brown curly hair. They shook hands with us quite gracefully and soon turned their attention to Poirot. Then we were introduced to Miss Saunders, who was one of the group, hard to describe. We had a very comfortable few days, very comfortable & # 8212; always alert. But to no avail. The boys are living a normal happy life and everything is going well. On the fourth day after our arrival, Major Roger Lemegelle came and stayed. 。 He had not changed much. He was as carefree and polite as ever, and his habit of taking everything lightly had not changed. It was obvious that the children were so fond of him that they greeted his arrival with gleeful shrieks and immediately dragged him aside to play primitive Indian games in the garden. I noticed Poirot following them quietly. The next day we were all invited to tea with Mrs Claygate, and the children too.
Her house was next to the house of the Lemegelles. Madame Lemegelle suggested that we should go too, but she seemed relieved when Poirot refused and said that he would prefer to stay at home. As soon as everyone left, Poirot began to work. He reminds me of a clever beagle. I think he searched every nook and cranny of the house; but everything was done so quietly and methodically that no one noticed his whereabouts. Obviously, in the end, he was not satisfied. We had tea on the terrace with Miss Saunders, who was not with the others. "The children will love it," she murmured, looking haggard, "though I hope they will behave themselves and not damage the flowerbeds, and not go near the bees." Poirot suddenly stopped drinking tea. It looks like he's seen a ghost. Bee He asked in a voice like thunder. Yes, Monsieur Poirot, the bee. Three hives. Mrs. Claygate is proud of her bees. "" Bees? " Cried Poirot again. Then he jumped up from the table and paced back and forth on the terrace with his head in his hands. I don't know why the little man gets so fidgety at the mention of bees. Just then we heard the car coming back. Poirot was standing on the doorstep when they got out of the car. Ronald was stung by a bee. Cried Gerald excitedly. "Nothing," said Madame Lemegelle. "Nothing swollen. We've put ammonia on it." "Let me see, my little man," said Poirot. "Where is it?" \ "Here, at the neck, \" Ronald said jauntily, \ "but it doesn't hurt. Dad said, 'Stand still, there's a bee on you.' So I stood still and he removed it,Sex Enhancement Powder, but it still stung me first, although it didn't really hurt, it was just like a needle prick. I didn't cry because I grew up and will go to school next year. 。

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