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The whole Tianyuan continent was shaken, like a huge earthquake shaking the center of the earth. Boom! A thunderbolt fell from the sky. The whirlpool is still rolling, followed by a beam of light down, the halo shock wave is more powerful, direct burst of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The second thunder is over. The third day of thunder again, contains the power of heaven more powerful, the dragon roaring day just to approach, the impact of the halo instantly overturned. Dzogchen strong people can't even break through the halo of heaven, which shows how powerful it is? The eyes of the three great elders were even more startled. The heart faintly huge shock, nine days of Xuanlei's power is too terrible, crossing the robbery narrowly escaped death. In the last hundred years, there are no robbers in the mainland of Tianyuan. There are many strong people in Dzogchen, but no one dares to try easily. Failure represents death. No one is willing to go against the sky when yuan Shou is not exhausted. Now the arrival of the nine-day Xuanlei has played a more deterrent role, and it is even more fearful of the disaster. Ha-ha "Even Jiutian Xuanlei has been pulled down. It seems that my amazing sword is about to succeed." "Ha ha." Shen Yan's disappearance is very sharp and harsh. Her laughter has not yet fallen, the fourth day of thunder under the heavy split, directly bombarded on the furnace tripod, the room is dazzling light, thorn eyes can not open, but Shen Yan's eyes are very big, fanatical color is very strong. Boom!!! There was a loud noise like an explosion, and the sixth thunder came down. Crossing the robbery? "Is it really a robbery?" 。“ How could that be? Inadvertently look big change, all kinds of puzzled, see the seventh day of thunder down, the body trembled. All three were astonished. Boom!!! Under the eighth thunder,75 inch smart board, the power of heaven poured out, and all the strong people on the mainland of Tianyuan were awakened, and countless pairs of eyes were staring at Qianji Zong in the void. They are all super strong, the strongest existence in Tianyuan mainland. Boom! The ninth sky was struck by thunder. The power of Heaven has reached an unprecedented peak, and the halo directly covers half of the Tianyuan continent, which is earth-shaking. Qin Tian in the flame, the body does not melt, even the hair on the body did not damage a root, two eyes suddenly opened. Chapter 268,75 smart board, nine days of thunder. Chapter 268, nine days of thunder, to the website. Chapter 269, nirvana. Chapter 269, nirvana. Thank you for the reward support of'Jieli ', thank you for the support of' czdfff 'evaluation votes, Lao Niu is very grateful, yesterday owed a chapter, today ten thousand words to fill in, we support a lot! ———— Nine thunderbolts fell one after another, no less powerful than the explosion of nine nuclear bombs. (《》 Duxiu Peak was in a mess. All the houses and buildings except the refining room were destroyed in a moment. The disciples were killed and wounded. The power of Jiutian Xuanlei once again proved to the martial arts practitioners in Tianyuan Mainland. The way of heaven is irreversible. A year ago, the Dragon Sword only triggered a thunder bombardment, but now there are nine thunder bombardments, which shows how much this'amazing 'handle made by Shen Yan is against the sky. Immortal devils, immortal giants were awakened one by one, eyes like torches, staring at Qianji Zong, smartboards for business ,smart board for conference room, if not Qianji Zong has three Taishang elders in charge, within half an hour there will be countless strong people to kill. Nine days of thunder. "There are nine lines of thunder in the sky. It's not a robbery. It's the birth of a magic soldier. What's going on?" "For two years in a row, how did Qianjizong produce two magic weapons?" "The magic weapon unearthed last year is still missing, but now the handle unearthed in Duxiu Peak must be mastered." Inadvertently give a sharp shout. The magic weapon comes out, ten thousand demons are frightened, immortals plunder, before long, all kinds of strong people will come to the door one by one, their purpose is only one, the magic weapon. Sanctuary Contain nine days of thunder bombardment of the magic weapon is extremely powerful, and may even help Dzogchen strong through the disaster, such a treasure came out, who can not be tempted? For Qianjizong, it is a joy, but also a worry. Because next Qianji Zong will face the challenge of all the strong people in Tianyuan Mainland, perhaps this is a catastrophe. Inadvertently eyebrows a shock, the body illusion, instantly came to the sky of Duxiu Peak, eyebrows secretly wrinkled, body robes bulging, a huge breath gushed out one after another, overwhelming.
Immediately afterwards, the other two great elders also came in an instant, standing proudly in the void in three directions, without blinking, for fear of missing the moment. Long Xiao came one after another, pale and slightly discomfited, and it was obvious that the impact of the halo had just had a great impact on him. Four people, Qianji Zongxiu for the strongest four people, stick to the four directions, waiting. In the refining room. Qin Tian's body in the furnace tripod was like rolling magma, red like fire, and the whole person seemed to turn into a flame, which was terrible. When his eyes suddenly opened, Shen Yan secretly trembled, and cold sweat oozed from his palms. "Not dead?" He said abruptly. Not dead? Not only did he not die, but Qin Tian was also a blessing in disguise. With the help of the mysterious runes on his body, he resisted the bombardment of nine days of thunder. At this time, his body had surpassed the body of Dzogchen. However, on the eve of the thunder, the dragon bracelet on his arm had melted, why did he have nothing to do? 'Hades Strange fire 'burn everything, even if the body of Dzogchen will be instantly reduced to ashes, not to mention the strength of Qin Tian to break the second order. Sanctuary 'Hades Fire 'comes from the Fire Dragon King. The Fire Dragon King not only burst out the'strange fire of the underworld ', but also burst out the'heart of the fire dragon'. Has to resist all the fire department attack'Fire Dragon Heart ', in Qin Tian first entered the ten thousand snake valley to save the burning heart sisters, the ninth order fire python to his flame attack completely ineffective, at that time felt puzzled, the heart has been thinking impassability. But when Shen Yan poured into the furnace tripod, the heart of the fire dragon in Qin Tian's space ring suddenly released a powerful force, allowing the fire to burn, without feeling a trace of pain. At that time, Qin Tian wanted to rush out of the furnace, but the thunder came quickly and there was no time at all. Qin Tian didn't even think about it,smart board interactive whiteboard, so he used his internal strength to resist the thunder. Unexpectedly, at the same time of his luck, all the mysterious runes branded on his body slowly disappeared on the surface of his skin and gathered in his body.

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