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Her eyes, has been cast on the body of Li Qing, see that although he pretended to be calm, but that eyes, there is a faint color of fear. And when he looked into his eyes, his expression would quickly reveal a trace of fear. Didn't he act before? It's not that there's a conspiracy, but that you really have a crush on me? Or is this one of his arrangements? He Ying kept thinking from top to bottom. Chapter 39 of the main text escape. Words: 2,495 Chapter 39 Escape The man in black doesn't seem to be in a hurry at all. He Ying can even feel that he is still very proud. At this time, Li Qing asked slowly: "I do not know what you want to get from Li here?" As soon as his words came out, Lu Ming shouted, "Elder brother, you?" Li Qing waved his hand and stopped his exclamation. Not only He Ying, but also the man in black felt Li Qing's concession. It seems that only if the conditions are not too difficult, Li Qing will agree. At this time, He Ying seemed to hear the man in black saying to himself in a low voice: "I should ask for something to embarrass him." Hear this at the same time, he Ying's heart secretly surprised! Could it be that his act of holding himself hostage was just a whim? No, no way. He doesn't look like one! Perhaps, this is another arrangement! The man in black raised his head and said proudly, "All right!"! Since you want me to make an offer, you can cut off your arm. This condition is very simple, right? An arm for a beauty. Lu Ming took a worried look at Li Qing and said in a cold voice, "Change one!" "Change one?" The man in black laughed. He looked as if he had heard the most ridiculous thing in the world. He looked up to the sky and laughed. Then Lu Ming looked at Li Qing again and waited for the man in black to laugh. "What's so funny about that?" He said? It's just a beautiful woman. It's just the price of a good horse. What kind of person is our general? How can a woman like her be worth his arm? He spoke very seriously, and his expression was firm and unshakable. The man in black moved his eyes to Li Qing, and when he saw that he was silent, he burst out laughing again. Just then he stopped laughing. "How dare you, thief!" He suddenly shouted. As he spoke, he kicked his feet backwards. Just then, Li Qing raised his arm and an object hit the wrist of the man in black. With a bang,Small Geared Motors, his arm went numb and the sword fell to the ground. By this time, the man in black had already kicked away the man who was approaching him. Seeing this, he gave a sneer and said, "a small skill of carving insects!" Just then, he Ying's hand suddenly moved, silently touched him and pinched his arm in his throat. In the anger of the man in black, her body turned cleverly, and it seemed to outsiders that she was not steady enough to fall. In Li Qing's cry of "be careful". He Ying's body, unexpectedly unconsciously broke away from the grasp of the man in black, and stood beside him. This golden opportunity, Li Qing immediately flew a sword. At the same time, the general who had just been kicked away also flicked his sword hilt, and the wind whistled fiercely. At this time, the man in black stretched out his arm and grabbed He Ying. He Ying is at this time, at the foot of an unstable, Brushless Gear Motor ,small geared motors, the whole person fell to the ground. Just enough for his arm to catch empty. At this moment, the man in black looked at He Ying's smiling eyes. He gave a loud shout, and suddenly his body twisted, and several phantoms appeared in the air. In a twinkling of an eye, all the swords of Li Qing and his men fell into the air. But the figure of the man in black was already tens of meters away. Laughter came from far away for a long time. He Ying was about to fall when a guard supported her. She managed to stand firm, and Xiaohuan rushed into her arms and began to cry. He Ying patted her on the back, suspicious of what the man in black had done. At this time, Li Qing also rushed in front of her. He stared at her for a moment, then suddenly reached out and hugged her tightly in his arms. He hugged him so tightly that he Ying almost mistook him for being afraid. He Ying's heart has been tightly stretched, at the moment in his arms, not only did not relax, but a kind of extreme fatigue welled up in his heart. She broke free and did not look at Li Qing. She just saluted and said softly, "I'm not feeling well. I'm going to retire." Then he stretched out his hand to the small ring beside him. Xiao Huan supported her and they walked to the yard.
Just walked a few steps, Li Qing suddenly rushed up and shouted to He Ying: "Ying son, just now I, I am not unwilling." He Ying smiled at him and said gently and politely, "I understand." Her face was ashen and her lips trembled. Li Qing sees her like this, also dare not say what again, straight Leng Leng stay in place to watch her leave. At this time, Lu Ming walked up behind him and said softly, "Elder brother, you are in trouble!" Li Qing stared at him coldly, and after Lu Ming shivered, he said word by word: "Lu Ming, you are good at crossing!" Then, with a livid face and a wave of his sleeve, he strode away. Lu Ming stood in place and did not move for a long time. At this moment, a little middle-aged man walked up behind him and said in a low voice, "Childe, the little man told you long ago.". Even if they are brothers, they can't interfere too much with each other. Besides, you're just sworn brothers, and you're still his subordinate! Lu Ming pursed his mouth and did not speak for a long time. The middle-aged man added, "The general has his own rules.". He Ying but a small woman, even if the general let her go, sincerely put her income account, is not a big deal. Childe, it's always been you who is unrepentant. When he finished, he sighed in a low voice, and Ren Luming stayed there and left on his own. He Ying was really petrified this time. For so long just now, her life and death were between the thoughts of others. She has been trying to be strong. Now that she was rescued, her first thought was to cry. For some reason, she has no tears at all now. Sitting on the chair, Ren Xiaohuan helped her wash her face and hold her head and shoulders. He Ying's lips, but there is no way to stop trembling. Xiaohuan knew that she was really scared, but the young lady was still strong and would recover by herself soon. So she just watched her carefully and waited for her to recover. After a while,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, He Ying trembled and said, "Xiao Huan, I was so scared just now." 。

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