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Although since Fang Chih-hsin was nine years old and Fang Chih-yuan was six years old, the two of them have become close and become a family. When they were young, they slept in the same room, went to a primary school, and went to a middle school. If there is no accident, Chih-yuan will follow in his footsteps and go to the same university with him. Appearance is also very similar, others look at them as brothers, but their two personalities are very different, and the choice of life path is also very different. He took a course in modern psychology, while Fang Zhiyuan was obsessed with English table tennis, which is also a few generations of Fang's family (men!) A persistent dream-determined to become the world's first Chinese snooker Grand Slam player! I remember when I was a child, every summer vacation, Zhiyuan's new father and mother, a new family, would always take their two brothers and their annoying, precocious sister to a castle near Reading, a small castle that their great-grandfather had bought with a hundred pieces of gold from the owner of the original castle who was on the verge of bankruptcy almost a hundred years ago. It has been used as a family resort. Their grandfather dug earthworms there, their fathers dug bird nests there, and they left many good memories there. But now,plastic pallet manufacturer, it has been turned into a holiday hotel under the encouragement and planning of Zhiyuan's mother. Fang Zhixin still remembers that only when he arrived at the castle, Zhiyuan, who always had a harmless and clever little face like a little white rabbit, would really smile and be happy, and would treat his half-way brother kindly. Though he did not care whether he was kind or not, or whether he called him brother! As soon as he arrived at the castle, Fang Zhiyuan would disappear all day long. It took Fang Zhixin two summers to figure out where he had gone! Less than two hundred meters from the castle,plastic pallet containers, there was a small forest, not dense, but not sparse. Many of these trees are old and flourishing. There are many small animals such as squirrels, rabbits and even foxes in the woods. This forest may have been the domain of the owner of the castle many years ago. When the castle changed hands, the land was not included in it. After no one took care of it, it gradually became barren and left to its own devices, and finally became what it is now. There were several large walnut trees at the edge of the woods, one of which had a tree house that had been built there by unknown people and had existed for unknown years. Fang Zhiyuan is hiding there! He did not know who he had asked-nine times out of ten, Fang Zhixin's father-to help repair the roof that was about to collapse, the wooden walls that were about to fall, and the rope ladder that was about to rot and break. He also cleaned up the inside and outside alone, cut down the branches and leaves that hindered his going up and down, and arranged a little paradise of his own! Fang Zhixin is very angry! He is angry that he enjoys this hidden and comfortable space, that he keeps his mouth shut, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet suppliers, that he never treats him as a brother, and that he has completely attracted his father's attention and replaced him as the focus of the family. In short, all kinds of grievances that had been in his stomach for several years burst out at the moment! So, one day, when Fang Zhi was far away from the tree house, he climbed up and turned out all the secrets and treasures he had hidden in the tree house, threw them under the tree in one breath, trampled them one by one with his feet, and then cut the rope ladder leading to the tree house and hid them! Come to light! For a whole semester, Fang Zhiyuan did not say a word to him. (By the flute: Haha, I didn't expect that this little bastard who plays delicate all day long would have such a strong backbone, so I hugged him and kissed him fiercely..) It was also a whole semester that Fang Zhixin was not allowed to step out of the house during the rest time! His father even disqualified him from going to Redding for the summer next year. Unless he gets his brother's forgiveness and promises to help him renovate the tree house when he returns to the castle! That semester became the most depressing and gloomy period in Fang Zhixin's life. (It is said that after meeting someone, he felt that his depression and gloom were no less than that of the past!) 。
At first he was still holding his breath, refusing to bow his head to the death, especially to the perpetrator, Fang Zhiyuan. After four or five weeks, he began to waver and reflect a little. In another two or three weeks, he began to consciously approach Fang Zhiyuan.. Of course, he was very embarrassed to refuse! In another week or two, he began to try to please him, coax him, threaten him, lure him.. In short, the poor ability and intelligence to do everything! The result is still the same! Fang Zhixin is furious again! He caught Fang Zhiyuan and beat him severely. Although he stopped after a few beatings and regretted and feared, he still tore Fang Zhiyuan's shirt and bloodied his nose! Flute by: Good boy, dare to beat my little husband?! Lift up one's sleeve and go away.) He thought that Fang Zhiyuan would complain again, and that his grounding would be extended indefinitely. For the first time in his life, he even thought of the distant and long word "life"! But the fact is beyond his expectation, Fang Zhiyuan not only did not complain, but also lied that he fell down carelessly when his parents asked about it! Fang Zhixin was stunned and couldn't figure out why he did it. If he was covering for himself out of sincerity, how could he expose him mercilessly the first time he committed a crime? This problem troubled him for several days, during which he deliberately kept a distance from Fang Zhiyuan and carefully observed his every move. However, this strategic alienation was interrupted by an experience on the way home from school, which officially opened the prelude of his brotherhood with Fang Zhiyuan. On that day, Fang Zhixin had to go home in a hurry because of the foot ban, without the slightest delay, otherwise he would be punished by washing dishes and mopping the floor. Unexpectedly, on the way, Fang Zhiyuan, who should have arrived home one step earlier, was besieged by his classmates. Without hesitation, he threw down his books and rushed into the battle group to deal with the strong enemy back to back with his brother. The result, of course,collapsible bulk containers, was that both brothers were beaten up and went home black and blue (by the flute: still brother! So unpromising, even a few small children are beaten, strong contempt for you! 。

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