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Divorce refers to ending a marriage before the death of either a spouse. In the US Ricky Vaughn Authentic Jersey , researchers estimate that 40-50% of all first marriages and 60% of second marriages will end in divorce. There are some factors that place people at a higher risk for divorce that include marrying at an early age, living together before marriage, less education and income, no religious affiliation, feelings of insecurity, and coming from a divorced family and it is the major course of the changing family patterns. In this paper Satchel Paige Authentic Jersey , the focus on the issue of divorce and impact on children.
Literature review
Today, divorce seems to be socially accepted, and it is a common issue in the modern world. The relationship that individual shares with the members of the family are the most significant bonds formed throughout one鈥檚 lifetime. Because of this, when breakups threaten the relationship ending in divorce, the negative impact will be severe. The people most affected are children, and when the parents decide to divorce Jim Thome Authentic Jersey , children find it difficult to manage their feelings during the change in the family (Fagan & Rector 2000). As children start to feel overwhelmed by their feelings as a result of divorce, the negative impact may take many forms.
With the increasing rate of divorce, the pace for emotional instability and the crime rate tend to be quickening. It tends to affect the family life and interference in the development of children. The parents divorces tend to tear apart the family that is a fundamental unit of American society. There is a significant relationship between the rate of crime in a community and divorce. Robert Sampson, a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago found that divorce rate predicted the rate of robbery in a certain area. He studies 171 US cities and found that the lower rate of divorce, the higher the informal and formal social controls and the lower the rate of crime (Sampson, 1992). A major literature review of divorce conducted by Australia government found that divorce increases the likelihood that a child will feel rejection and hostility.
Cameron (2008) claim that some of the short-term emotional problems that a child of divorced parent experience are abandonment and anger. The child will express anger in several ways such as consent fighting and also bickering with friends and other siblings. The child can also start lashing out at parents and other authorities Manny Ramirez Authentic Jersey , and also destroying once beloved objects of affection. The abandonment issue is apparent in the behavior of the child when the child starts to excessively clingy and need to the parent and starts to withdraw from friends.
Children face one of the long-term impact of divorce in terms of stability and financial. It occurs when the child can no longer experience the advantage of having both parents. The financial instability results in the reduced activities and strict budgeting. It can mean reduced visits to the child favorite restaurant, little purchase of desired items, and also the child not participating in extra activities that they once enjoyed when the family was intact (Cameron, 2008). Jones (2005) suggests that it is important for parents to understand the important of making joint arrangements or visitation times. The living arrangements have several benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. Parents should ensure that they do not argue with one another and after separation there is constant communication. Therefore, according to Jones (2005) Eddie Robinson Authentic Jersey , so as to have a successful living arrangement, there is a need for regular communication, cooperation, and conflict and violence should not happen.
When considering the functionalist perspective, it explains the increase in the rate of divorce in three categories of factors. The first is the factor affecting the value that people attach to marriage. The rise in divorce rate may suggest that people attach less importance to their marriage. However, functionalists like Talcott Parsons claim that the increasing number of divorce indicates that people have higher expectations from their marriage Bob Feller Authentic Jersey , and when expectations are higher, disappointment is likely to occur. The second category involves the factors that determine the degree of conflict between the spouses. The nuclear family tends to be under tremendous emotional stress because it is an isolated unit. Thus, it increases the chances of conflict because of the inability to cope with the demands of children and the spouse. The last category is the factor affecting the ease with which people can separate or divorce their spouse. According to functionalists, the changes in divorce laws are making it easy and cheap for people to apply for divorce. There is a change in the public perception and secularization making it morally easy for people to divorce.

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