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Life is perfect. If you have read these articles long enough Russell Wilson Seahawks Jersey , you have seen this written in several different forms and ways. There is even a series on it in one of my ebooks. Life is perfect is a way of living for me. If I understand that I have the ability to create my life by the actions I take, then I understand that both the life I live today and the life I will live tomorrow is perfect in that sense.

Except when it is not.

Last week we had the flu bug. (Actually, the little sucker is still hanging around!) Our five year old was having such a hard time getting a breath that it hurt just to watch him. I have been able to lay in bed and on the couch for a couple or three days. Did the actions I take create this in my life?

When you are not feeling your best, and things seem to get out of control (as they sometimes do), then one begins to question the strength of their beliefs.

Am I on the correct path? There are so many from which to choose! Will I really be able to reach my current goals? Why does it sometimes seem so difficult? Do I really need to write another article? Who is even reading them?

This is the place where I used to buckle up and get to work. I would remind myself that thoughts like these are my fears surfacing Ugo Amadi Youth Jersey , and I must squash them before they can do me harm. Now, however, I think a little differently.

I am not afraid of my fears, and I do not treat them badly. I accept them, let them surface and look at them very carefully.

Is there anything here I need to consider that I might be avoiding Phil Haynes Youth Jersey , or hiding from? Am I doing what I want to be doing according to my defined values and my definitions of success?

I can also go back and review where I have come from, and where I appear to be heading. Am I pleased with the results? Am I excited about the future? Am I excited about today?

So, with all of that said - now what?

I am going to take a bit of time, stand back and review. I will look back on what had been accomplished, congratulate myself Gary Jennings Jr. Youth Jersey , and be grateful for the help I have had. I will look ahead and reevaluate my plans, and ensure that they are still right for me. I will take a deep breath and commit to the principles of values and my definitions of success to be absolutely sure I am doing everything in my power so I have a... you guessed it... perfect life!

As always,

Your online Coach and Friend,

Miami Phillips

Helping owners and entrepreneurs have more profit and less ing everyone find their path and stay on it.

Quotation for the Week

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

Anyone wanting a new kitten should be a cat lover. Let's face it, folks Cody Barton Youth Jersey , cats are just different from dogs. Cats do not usually perform any special tricks, and they certainly do not guard your possessions while you are away. In fact, the only thing you can be guaranteed of by having a cat is that a mouse won't last long if they creep into your home.

Cats are loved by many because of their independence. Cats have a life, so to speak. Most cats do not follow you around the home with their tongues hanging out of their mouths waiting on your attention. While they do love their owners fiercely, cats will not grovel like a dog and worship and fawn over their owners. Cats are perfectly content simply being themselves--and they do not seem to need constant reassurance D.K. Metcalf Youth Jersey , unlike canines.

This does not mean cats do not need love and affection, it simply means cats are not ?fragile? characters. In fact, cats exude a self assurance which can often be misunderstood as aloofness or coldness. Yet, cats are far from aloof or unfeeling. They feel deeply and love deeply. If a cat comes to sit on your lap, you know you are truly loved.

Anytime the family thinks about bringing a new pet into the home Marquise Blair Youth Jersey , it is exciting. Cats are a favorite of many because as kittens they are so entertaining to watch. Cats have a mind all of their own and only a true cat lover can even claim to understand the psyche of a feline. Cats are mysterious animals, which is part of the draw to them. While cats have been brought into the home, their instincts still remain. Cats adopt their owners and will even go out and provide 'dinner.? Many cat owners have stepped out on the stoop to find a dead mouse, opossum, or mole waiting for them. Now L.J. Collier Youth Jersey , that is love and loyalty!

If you are planning to bring a cat into your home, you should look at it as a life long commitment. Cats can live fifteen years and beyond. You should also understand that as cats mature, they will often sleep and laze around the home. If you are wanting a cat to entertain you throughout her life, you should seriously think about whether a cat is the pet for you. Kittens are very entertaining and young cats are always curious and open for a challenge. However, older cats aren't easily excitable and usually prefer to watch the antics in the home from a distance.

When you have made the decision to bring a new cat into your home Michael Dickson Youth Jersey , you will have to decide between a domestic or purebred cat. If you choose to go with a purebred cat, you can be guaranteed of size and appearance, and possibly temperament. There are more than 40 breeds to choose from, so do your homework. You will want to research the grooming requirements of the breed you are considering, along with the general disposition of the breed.

Domestic cats come in all colors and shapes. When you look at any cat Shaquem Griffin Youth Jersey , there are some things you should consider. For instance, while all cats are fairly in proportion to each other, there are some cats which are more lanky and lean than others. These cats will be the ones who may be more interested in running and exploration. The chunkier, heavier cat will probably be more laid back and not get into too big a hurry about anything. You have a choice between a domestic long h. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Online Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Wholesale Shirts China Wholesale Shirts China

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