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It was reported that the great American author Sinclair Lewis was once asked to give a lecture on writing to a group of college students: "Looking out at this gathering Cheap Jets Hats ," he said to the assembled students, "makes me want to know how many of you really and truly wish to become writers?" Every hand in the room went up. Lewis looked at them for a moment and then folded his notes and put them away. "If that''s true," he said, "then the best advice I can give you is to go home and start writing." He then turned and left the room.

If the first secret of writing is to write and if you''ve set up some sort of writing schedule Cheap Jets Hoodies , the next step is to figure out what to write.

Opening a brand new file and looking at a blank screen often results in a kind of brain-freeze; we feel as idea-less as the empty screen we''re staring at. Writing exercises can help us thaw our idea bank. The goal of a writing exercise is to open your mind and allow you to hone your skills and experiment. The joy of such an exercise is it''s not ''for real.'' That is, there''s no thought of pleasing an editor or finding a publisher or meeting a deadline or getting paid. You''re just writing, with your internal editor turned off.

Some freelancers find writing exercises so effective and freeing they actually begin every writing session with a 10 or 15-minute exercise. Others use them more sporadically. But however you do it, writing exercises will help you with your writing. Use writing exercises in your writing schedule Cheap Jets Shirts , as a natural part of your writing discipline; use the exercises often and watch your writing improve.

Ideally, a writing exercise is short, requiring you to spend no more than 10 or 15 minutes writing, thinking and feeling about something that''s unrelated to the rest of your writing work. In a way Cheap Jets Jerseys , they are like mini-meditations and mini-vacations because they clear out the cobwebs and give you a new view.

It''s that new view, that different way of seeing, of expressing, that''s the key to a good writing exercise. Naturally Trenton Cannon Hat , not every exercise blows your mind every time. Sometimes you are just not ready for the challenge presented, but even then, the seed is planted. Sometimes you are simply not up for doing a writing exercise, which is okay too. Again Chris Herndon Hat , simply reading can set some new thoughts in motion.

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