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How''s your relationship?

I''m not prying into your personal life Mike Hoffman Senators Jersey , so no need to worry. it''s just that lately I''ve noticed something about most network marketers which got me thinking.

Let me start with some background on these thoughts I had. One of the reasons an internet business seems so attractive is because of the ease with which you can communicate. This lends itself well to marketing, and in particular network marketing.

With me so far?

So we all jump into network marketing and mlm style business opportunities online to seek our fortunes, but this is where it all seems to go wrong.

The thing I''ve noticed myself and a lot of others doing online is just promoting our businesses.

We don''t build relationships.

Network marketing is about networking with others, and I have heard it referred to as relationship marketing. But are we doing enough to build those relationships?

A recent example was a new style messaging system I was introduced to at . There you can invite "buddies" to message you Jean-Gabriel Pageau Senators Jersey , and add other buddies from the system to your buddies list. Then you can send them all a message safely from within the system. An Ideal opportunity to build a relationship or two.

Instead of getting to know each other, almost everybody jumped in and sent each other an advert for their business.

The result?

No one reads any messages.

No new relationships are formed.

It becomes another wasted opportunity to form relationships. There were one or two more savvy marketers who attempted to build relationships, but their efforts got lost in among the hundreds of "make more money than you can spend" ads.

In our personal lives we create many relationships, but for some reason once we start an online business Craig Anderson Senators Jersey , we forget to speak to people and instead send ads through the machine. We stop building relationships with people.

This has got me thinking, and I am going to try to break some habits, and start marketing myself, instead of the opportunities I am involved in.

I''m going to start building relationships.

It won''t be easy Ryan Dzingel Senators Jersey , almost every other article, or ebook seems to be about how to promote your website, or your business, but rarely how to promote relationships. But it is possible Nate Thompson Senators Jersey , and we have all the tools to start building relationships.

For starters, we all have email addresses whhich could be used to start a conversation with someone. We have instant messengers, Yahoo, MSN and AOL to name a few Zack Smith Senators Jersey , you can even use the software from Imvite which has a payment plan built in and can access most of the other networks anyway. And then there''s Skype for voice chat which is as clear as a telephone, and free to download.

So we have the tools to form relationships, lets start doing it.

It can only be good for business to get to know each other and form friendships, partnerships Tom Pyatt Senators Jersey , and trust. In the offline world you wouldn''t dream of greeting a new potential customer by saying "Earn Millions Today" so lets stop doing it online.

Doug Titchmarsh
Online marketer, and real life person.

Doug Titchmarsh runs several sites including and He also publishes an e-zine for marketers online and off which you can get by sending an email to douglastitchmarsh@
I''m not a gamer. However, when my son was younger, he and I tackled a computer strategy game together. In the game Bobby Ryan Senators Jersey , the player became the main character wandering through a strange land seeking a great reward. Along the way, he encountered both helpers and hinderers. Through these encounters, our hero found opportunities to increase his strength and cunning. That describes affiliate marketing ? a feat of strategy that can offer great rewards to those who acquire strength and cunning.

Life Force It''s Game Over when your character runs out of life force. In our game, life force is measured by the number of visitors to your website. Of primary importance to an affiliate marketer is creating ways to attract visitors. Internet users are seeking information and entertainment. Build a site that offers one or both of these along with an element of uniqueness and you will have the potential for an abundance of life force.

Strength There''s strength in numbers is certainly true in internet marketing. Find ways to place your link on other sites. Look for sites that are relevant to your own content. Those fellow website owners who will exchange links or write features about your site are important helpers in gaining strength.

Forums are a place where you can personally interact with other internet users. These interactions can result in drawing more visitors to your site. Many forums allow you to post your link along with your signature. Networking through forums can help build links and service exchanges as well. Reading posts from other users can often uncover a lotus blossom of knowledge.

Article databases create more opportunities for visitors to become aware of you and the information or entertainment that you have to offer. Allow these minions to do your bidding and bring traffic to your site.

Cunning Never stop learning. Subscribe to two or three affiliate marketing newsletters. You have mentors with lessons to teach Kyle Turris Senators Jersey , open your mind and receive.

Search engines can seem both friend and foe. It takes a lot of work to master the search engine. Words are the key. You must diligently seek out the words that bring you the most visitors and include them in the content of your site. The tricky part is, however, that the perfect combination of words is constantly shifting as if you are building your structure on a sand dune. As the terrain changes, so must your site.

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