Register of Enterprises of Latvia: a place to register a company

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The business registeris the central facility that keeps all data and records up to date. It is mandatory to submit the constitutional documents to the commercial register at the time the company is incorporated, as well as to submit any changes to the company's board of directors or the register of shareholders.

The uniform register is also available electronically.

The business register has the following functions:
for the registration of companies and their branches, representative offices and representatives of foreign companies and organizations, cooperatives,
for the registration of European economic interest groups, European companies, European cooperatives, political parties and their associations, administrators, insolvency administrators, associations and foundations for legal protection and insolvency proceedings, religious organizations and institutions thereof, trade unions, mass media, public and company agreements, significant influences, commercial pledges To maintain marital property and arbitration tribunals and to keep the relevant registers;
To provide information about registered bodies and legally relevant facts;
perform other functions specified in laws and regulations.
Document submission

The commercial register checks the submitted documents for compliance with the law. Legal assistance can be helpful in this context.

The documents should be in Latvian or have a certified translation.

If the documents were signed abroad other than the European Union, it is necessary to legalize the document or attach an apostille.

The information received by the registry is considered true and reliable and has legal force. The business register maintains the official register of all types of companies and the information in the register is publicly available and reliable.

The commercial register offers the following services:
The commercial register is authorized to register companies or companies (names of companies are subject to special provisions. For example, a name must be designed in such a way that no misleading information is given about important requirements for entrepreneurship, in particular the legal form of a company (a company) or Volume of business, taking into account that the name does not have to be translated.), Mass media, commercial pledges, significant influences, marital goods, representative offices and representatives of foreign companies and organizations, European companies, European cooperatives, and public and private partnership agreements;
The business register is authorized to maintain the following registers of legal persons: register of public organizations, commercial register, trade union register, register of associations and foundations, register of European economic interest groups, register of arbitration tribunals, register of political parties, insolvency register and register of religious organizations and their institutions;
The commercial register is authorized to accept and check the documents to be submitted for the registration of legal persons and facts named in laws and ordinances and to store these documents;
The business register is authorized to confirm signatures (signatures are only confirmed for natural persons registered in Latvia and representatives of legal persons whose rights of representation are entered in the Latvian public register.
When confirming a person's signature, an official from the business register verifies the identity and legal capacity of the signatory. The official of the business register who confirms a person's signature is not responsible for the content of the documents.);
The business register has the power to verify the names (companies) entered in the registers kept by the business register and the relevance of this information;
The business register is authorized to review and prepare responses to data received and requests for information, it creates derivatives of registration files and official documents of the business register and offers interested parties the opportunity to access the registration files;
The business register is empowered to impose sanctions set by international organizations and deals with cross-border mergers of corporations.


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