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I really like cheap fila trainers this fragrance! The mint, rose, and carnation combination is so cool, green, and refreshing. This will be great to wear during the hot summer. The notes above say cannabis, but Balenciaga's website says caladium leaf. The vetiver along with hemp leaves or caladium leaves or whatever other plant note is actually in this gives the fragrance a wonderful earthy woodiness. Great stuff!

My absolute favourite scent now. I can't stop sniffing myself when I'm wearing it (OK, I know that sounds weird, but as fellow Fragranticans you get me I'm sure). I was first attracted to the beautiful packaging - and the fragrance truly does reflect the modern depiction of ornamental flowers leaves and vines. I agree with VQueenLeigh. There just isn't anything on the market like this. It is dense without being overpowering, and the rose and carnation mix always gets me in. I think the magic ingredient fila 95 for me is the mint. If you haven't seen this incredibly beautiful flacon, take a look at it in bright light. It has an almost prism effect.

I've got it sitting in pride of place on a mirror so the various colours in the flacon bounce around like the visual fila all white equivalent of an echo. Gosh, I sound poetic. That's what Florabotanica does to me. A perfume buyer for a local supplier said this is discontinued. I have had no reply from Coty which owns Balenciaga. Does anyone know? I'll be hoarding gallons of it if this is true.Balenciaga florabotanica opens very green,cool and woody,definitely unisex but soon rose starts to show up and becomes the most dominant note.in dry down there is just a hint of green notes besides dominant rose,sweetened and warmed delicately with amber I usually hate green scents but strangely I don't dislike green undertone of florabotanica.

I fila basketball shoes can pickup cool,green scent of mint but I can also smell something really similar to green stems of a rain washed rose bush Change of phases in this scent is very interesting.first phase is cool and fresh.there's just a whisper of rose covered but green scent of stems and leaves,even a hint of soil.this phase isn't heavily floral. Gradually rose becomes more apparent.

I can detect tiny amount of sweetness which makes it more feminine but it's still a cool scent.as time passes rose becomes more powdery,not in an old,dusty way.it's still fresh and modern.it feels clean,softly powdery,even slightly soapy but in the best possible way.not a sharp,musky soapy scent,it's silky,cool,a bit minty and smells amazing.honestly I can't get enough of it's drydown Florabotanica is modern and artistic as it's bottle suggests,if you don't pay attention to it's different phases you may think it's a very simple one.all in all it's an ageless,fresh and cold rose scent with just a little amount of clean,soapy powder and a bit of green,earthy undertone.it goes from a dewy opening to an almost dry undertone and while being a very clean scent one may feel it has some sort of earthy,soily dirtyness.

It's not dark or sultry fila boots mens or showy.it feels simple and comfortable but at the same time has character and is original.it makes me think of white rose not pink or red one It's also very long-lasting.first I thought that sillage is moderate at it's best but actually I can smell it myself for hours,so while being soft,projection is great It's good for spring and summer but I also like it in fall,I feel it pictures a botanical garden during a fall day,first rain washed leaves and woods and soil and then natural rose petals warmed with a pale fall sun started to shine after r

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